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Our Capabilities

We provide OEM/ODM high precision metal parts processing services, always aiming to exceed customer expectations and provide the best solutions to meet customer requirements. Our extensive experience and huge capacity enable us to provide high quality and volume of high precision metal parts to our customers.

High quality management control standards, from raw materials to finished high-precision metal parts.

1. Verify and ensure the quality of raw materials from the suppliers and manufacturers.

We use spectrometers to analyze the elemental content of steel and non-ferrous materials to ensure that our raw materials meet the specifications and requirements. Even our domestic and foreign raw material manufacturers have supporting documents.

2. Using reliable & well-known CNC machine brands and equipment to meet high-precision requirements.

Our production factory has more than 130 sets of reliable CNC machinery (Star, Citizen, Brother, Tsugami, Swiss Esco, Nomura, Mucun, Kennametal, etc.), customized CNC machinery and other machinery such as turning, milling, grinding, tapping, boring, reaming, knurling, polishing, and other processes. Our turning and milling precision is ±0.005mm to ±0.01mm; Grinding precision is ±0.002mm, abrasive flow machining (AFM) precision is Ra0.1 - Ra0.4.

3. Highly skilled, experienced leader and production management team.

Our leaders have more than 30 years of high-precision metal parts processing management experience who are leading a skilled team that provides a high level of design, technical drawing interpretation, rapid sample production ability, professional consulting, and design in line with customer requirements of high-precision metal parts.

4. Advanced quality control testing instruments.

We are using advanced semi and fully automatic detection instruments to reduce time but yet accurate in order to minimize human error and cost. This is to ensure that the finished metal parts meet quality requirements and are free of manufacturing defects before being shipped out to the customers.

5. Surface treatment services.

We offer many surface treatment services to improve the corrosion protection, conductivity, durability, appearance or performance of metal parts. Surface treatment, such as electroplating, chemical plating, anodizing, passivation, hot-dip galvanizing, etc. We also offer surface hardening of machined metal parts, such as steel carbonization, nitrification and induction hardening. These processes change the surface properties of metal parts, improves wear resistance and fatigue strength.

6. Our capabilities

Our factory covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters, produces more than 50,000,000 pieces annually, generates annual revenue of between $5,000,000 and $8,000,000, and more than 20% of our sales come from overseas markets.