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A Complete List of Surface Treatment
Jin Ming Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology Limited | Date:2023/8/2 | View:90
Surface treatment is the process of artificially forming a surface layer on the surface of the substrate material with mechanical, physical and chemical properties different from those of the substrate. The purpose of surface treatment is to meet the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration or other special functional requirements of the product.

The more commonly used surface treatment methods are, mechanical grinding, chemical treatment, surface heat treatment, spray surface, surface treatment is the surface of the workpiece is cleaned, cleaned, deburred, de-oiled, de-oxidised skin and so on.

Commonly used surface treatment processes are: vacuum plating, electroplating process, anodic oxidation, electrolytic polishing, pad printing process, galvanising process, powder coating, water transfer, screen printing, electrophoresis and so on.