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How CNC Machining Works and Its Advantages
Jin Ming Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology Limited | Date:2023/8/2 | View:85

CNC machining is based on the programmed programmed control, usually G-code, to make the machine tool machining.G-code digital language can control the CNC machine tool machining process. The tool control system uses different positional coordinates to control tool feed and spindle speed, coolant and other functions.

The use of CNC machine tools can be analysed for the correctness of the toolpath. When the digital programme is entered into the machine, the fixture tool and workpiece are mounted. By pressing the empty run button, the spindle does not rotate and the table automatically runs along the programmed trajectory. At this step, find out if the tool is in contact with the workpiece or fixture. The above operation control is controlled by cams, moulds and dividing devices in the form of analogue. The machining accuracy of the parts is affected by the accuracy of the cams and moulds, and it can process complex parts with a certain degree of flexibility and versatility, and the process preparation time is very long.CNC machining solves the problem of complex and precise, small batch and multi-species machining, and it is widely used in the modern industry, which greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises.