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Analysis of the Current State of Research on CNC Machines
Jin Ming Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology Limited | Date:2023/8/2 | View:99
First, the latest progress in the development of CNC machine tool technology
CNC machine tools as an indispensable and important equipment in modern manufacturing industry, its technology research in the ascendant. In China, the development of CNC machine tool technology has entered a high-speed stage, hydraulic servo technology, CNC technology, mechatronics technology, high-precision machining technology has become the main trend of development. With the rapid progress of the domestic CNC machine tool manufacturing industry, the international status of CNC machine tool research has also been significantly improved. In the international arena, the study of complex, high-efficiency, multi-functional CNC machine tools and CNC machine tools, automation and intelligent technology has become a research hot spot.

Second, the latest research results of CNC machining accuracy
CNC machining accuracy is one of the main indicators of CNC machine tools, and its accuracy directly determines the quality of parts processing. At present, scholars at home and abroad on CNC machine tool machining accuracy in-depth research, and has achieved a series of meaningful research results. The research shows that with the help of adaptive control technology, the precision of the machining plane has been effectively controlled within the micron level and has reached the international level. The application of new spindle design, high-precision transmission, rigid fixtures and other technologies has also substantially improved the precision and efficiency of CNC machining.

Third, the latest research progress of CNC machine tool cutting force analysis
CNC machine tools in the machining process will produce a large cutting force, so the analysis and control of cutting force is particularly important. At present, scholars at home and abroad have made greater research progress. Firstly, using the experimental technology of CNC machine tools, optimising the cutting parameters can effectively reduce the cutting force and improve the machining efficiency. Secondly, by combining finite element analysis and experimental methods, the relationship between cutting force and workpiece surface roughness is revealed, and it is found that the smaller the workpiece surface roughness is, the smaller the cutting force is. In addition, the researchers also found that in the cutting process, the material hardness, machining speed and depth of cut and other factors also have an important impact on the cutting force.

This paper provides a comprehensive analysis and introduction to the current research status of CNC machine tools at home and abroad, including the latest research progress in the development of CNC machine tool technology, CNC machining accuracy, CNC machine tool cutting force analysis and other aspects. It can be seen that the research of CNC machine tool related technology is a complex and extensive field. With the continuous development and progress of technology, it is believed that in the near future CNC machine tools will contribute more to the optimisation of production processes, improve production efficiency and other aspects.